How do i get from san diego airport?

The San Diego International Airport - SAN, official website is where you can find live flight tracking information, arrival and departure times, press releases and. No matter where you park at San Diego International Airport, you're never far from your boarding gate. Easy-to-use airport parking buses run continuously through airport parking lots and terminals, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. From Terminal 1, cross the elevated bridge and take the escalators or elevators to street level.

From Terminal 2, use the pedestrian crossing conveniently located outside the Terminal 2 baggage claim area to access Transportation Plaza. A customer service representative will assign you the first available transportation service, unless you specify a particular carrier. The following guide lists the transport companies frequently used by travelers. Call directly or use the web links to find the transportation service that best suits your needs.

Policies, services and rates are subject to change and may vary by destination and passengers. Assistance can be provided to passengers with disabilities. For this service, it is strongly recommended that you contact and coordinate with the transport company in advance. All rental car pickups and returns for car rental companies serving San Diego International Airport are conducted at the Consolidated Car Rental Center.

Free, dedicated shuttle buses run continuously to transport customers between the airport terminals and the car rental center. It is illegal for airport operators and their tenants, tenants, concessionaires and contractors to discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, creed or disability in public services and employment opportunities. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has instituted standardized screening procedures at airports across the country. To avoid surprises, familiarize yourself with these procedures before heading to the airport.

If you're in the wrong terminal, just hop on our free loop shuttle to get to the right place. There are also ticket vending machines at the airport near the information centers and at the Santa Fe Depot and America Plaza Trolley stations, where you can purchase a PRONTO card and add value for travel during your stay in San Diego. San Diego International Airport (SAN) celebrates the launch of the “San Diego Flyer,” a free electric bus service for customers between the airport and the Old Town transit center. To access the airport by bicycle, San Diego offers a convenient & bicycle transportation option that is safe and environmentally friendly.

The San Diego Flyer shuttle buses are recognizable by the brand's light orange wrapper adorned with the plane's icons, the word “Flyer” on the side of the buses and the SAN logo.

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