Does the san diego trolley go to tijuana?

The San Diego Trolley is a fast, affordable, and convenient way to travel from San Diego to Tijuana. This light rail system travels about 17 miles from San Diego to the city of San Ysidro and the main border crossing, called PedeEast. Yes, there is a direct bus departing from San Diego and arriving at Tijuana. Services run four times a day and operate every day.

The bus from San Diego to Tijuana takes 47 min including transfers and departs four times a day. The easiest way to get from San Diego to Tijuana is via the San Diego Trolley, a tram that runs from downtown San Diego to the San Ysidro border. While some are driving, arguably the easiest way to cross the border into Mexico is to take the San Diego streetcar. However, due to San Diego's close proximity to Tijuana, it doesn't make much sense to fly between the two cities.

Light rail service connecting downtown San Diego to the east of the county, UC San Diego, South Bay and the Mexican border. With Mexico's border less than 20 miles from downtown San Diego, millions of people travel to Tijuana from San Diego every year. The San Diego Trolley, a light rail system, follows the Blue Line from downtown through the southern communities of National City, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach and ends near the San Ysidro Junction. If you want to connect to the streetcar from another part of San Diego or from another line, you can find the streetcar map here.

Silver Strand, or simply The Strand, is a low, narrow, sandy isthmus or tombolo 7 miles long in San Diego County, California, partially within Silver Strand State Beach. You should take the UC San Diego Blue Line, which starts at the American Plaza Transit Center, near Fifth Avenue in San Diego's Gaslamp District, a popular tourist area. Around 35 million people visit San Diego annually, but less than a third of those tourists make the short trip from San Diego to Tijuana. The two vehicle crossing points are El Chaparral (San Ysidro), the main port of entry, and Otay Mesa, which connects Otay Mesa, a suburb of San Diego, with the Otay Centenario district of Tijuana.

The park is located within the city limits of Imperial Beach in San Diego County, next to the suburb of Playas de Tijuana in Mexico. The travel time by bus between San Diego and Tijuana is approximately 47 min and covers a distance of about 21 miles. My friend and I want to go to San Diego and we thought it would be a fun idea to visit Tijuana. To get to the border from San Diego International Airport by public transportation, take the MTS Airport Bus (number 99), which will take you directly to Broadway and Kettner.

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